Functional Core

Taking care of your body is essential to having a well-functioning core!

After months of carrying a baby ⤵️⤵️

📍 hip flexors can get tight

📍 your glutes can get weaken

📍 your alignment can shift

➡️➡️ which all can all cause muscle imbalances and mobility issues 😬

We want to be able to move our best through motherhood 👏🏻👏🏻

With the right workout method we can alleviate some of these common pre/postnatal discomforts to help us move better with our little ones ⤵️⤵️

📍Set your intentions

📍Activate your deep core

📍Improve pelvic floor awareness

📍Create body awareness

📍Move your body with purpose

📍Fire up those glute muscles

📍Focus on your neutral alignment

📍Decrease your stressors 💯🙌🏻

Even if you only have 10 minutes, you can still do something that will benefit YOU.

These exercises can be done in your living room, with any ball you can find lying around your house AND you can even have your little one join you!!

I’m really focusing on connecting to my core, glutes & pelvic floor with these exercises.

We need to connect to our bodies to really benefit from our movements. If you aren’t getting the results you want, then you need to start engaging and making that mind/body connection 🤍

Workout with me here!

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