Functional Motherhood

As a Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, I am all about helping mamas build strength, stamina & endurance for:


▫️labor & delivery

▫️postpartum recovery

▫️physical demands of motherhood

I always focus on the core, glutes & pelvic floor.

I will always emphasize on improving the quality of movements during workouts AND everyday life.

📍 strong posture

📍 deep core activation

📍 glute strength

📍 pelvic floor awareness

📍 body coordination

We want to enhance our alignment and strength, especially throughout all the stages of motherhood.

When we move better, we feel better!

Important!!! Training is not just about the physical aspects, but it’s also about the preparation for the mental demands of all stages of motherhood, beginning with the preparation of trying to conceive

Helping mamas to strive to enhance:


▪️intrinsic motivation



When we feel amazing, it gives us more confidence, stamina and energy!

Workout with me!

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