Strengthen your Body for Motherhood

I constantly emphasize the importance of strengthening your body for motherhood.

15 weeks postpartum

And one of my go-to exercises to help gain stamina and strength is this one right here.

15 weeks postpartum

Being mindful of how you get up and down off the ground is super important, especially while holding your little one. Do you struggle? How’s your posture? Do your movements feel natural? Do you have to use your hands for support? Are you breathing naturally.

15 weeks postpartum

Whether you’re pregnant or a mom (or dad!!) think about how many times you get up or will get up from the ground holding your baby?!

You don’t want to struggle, especially while holding your precious little one.

14 weeks postpartum

Doing this exercise often while pregnant will help you gain strength in your lower body, core & upper body.

37 weeks pregnant

I HIGHLY recommend doing this exercise WITHOUT a baby to gain that strength, stability & coordination! Pick up a medicine ball or some weights for that added resistance

36 weeks pregnant

Your baby’s safety comes first and I’m only showing multiple reps with my little guy just to showcase my form and posture

30 weeks pregnant

Make sure to maintain that strong posture and breathe.

📍 No hunching or rounding of the spine!!

📍 We want to decrease intra-abdominal pressure.

📍 No coning ot bulging of the abs.

27 weeks pregnant

Benefits of this exercise before, during & after pregnancy:

▪️increase hip mobility

▪️enhance active flexibility

▪️strengthen the lower body

▪️enhance stability

▪️better functionality for everyday living

▪️core strengthening and stability

▪️increase upper body strength

▪️enhance your stamina

▪️total body endurance

20 weeks pregnant

The more you practice these movements the more they will become natural and second nature to you ✌🏼

17 weeks pregnant

Workout with me here!

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