Mobility for Motherhood

We need strength, stamina AND mobility 🙌🏻

I am a huge advocate for functional training and corrective exercise to decrease the risk of injury and feel our best throughout our day-to-day adventures of motherhood!

Our behaviors and habits can influence muscular imbalances -> meaning if we are moving the wrong way and not taking care of our body, then it can lead to muscle imbalances which can then cause pain, discomfort & injury 🤯

Not only do we need to strengthen our core & glutes —> we also need to integrate mobility training into our daily life ⤵️⤵️

▪️move with ease and comfort

▪️improve your range of motion

▪️enhance your posture

▪️improve body awareness

▪️better coordination and stability

📍Targeting those glute muscles from different angles and adding a consistent stretching regimen to your routine will help keep your booty lifted, decrease muscle imbalances & give you strength 💪🏻

📍The key to see results is to rotate through a variety of exercises that isolate and sculpt the glutes, as well as, exercises that enhance your mobility!!

📍 Increase awareness of your pelvic floor!It’s important to know that just like any other muscles our pelvic floor muscles need strength, endurance & rest.

📍 Our body is that interconnected chain and when we move better, we will feel better!

➡️➡️ My method of training is effective, efficient, targets multiple muscle groups & it’s fun!

Link in bio to workout with me 🙌🏻

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