Deep Core & Glute Activation

Do your hips feel tight, experience a weak core, have any pelvic floor discomfort or low back pain???

Pain is not normal!!

📌 strengthen the muscles that support your pelvis, spine and deep hip rotators

📌 Learn to fire from the glutes

📌 Find ways to manage stress

📌 Learn how deep breathe to contract and fully relax your pelvic floor muscles.

📌 Release tension in your body

📌 Connect to your deep core

📌 Move with intention

📌 Working our Glute Medius, Minimus & Maximus will give our muscles strength and balance

Without core & glute strength there will be a lot of compensation which will force our body out of alignment —> which then creates pain, discomfort & increased risk of injury

By stretching, engaging & strengthening those glutes and core you will be better prepared for everyday living ⬇️⬇️

▪️improved mobility for daily tasks

▪️stability while lifting weights or running

▪️enhanced mobility in your hips

▪️help decrease hip & knee pain

▪️help prevent injuries

▪️alleviate lower back strain

▪️improve your posture

▪️quicker postpartum recovery

➡️ If you are new to working out or are newly postpartum you will want to gradually work your way up to more challenging exercises. As you become stronger and increase your stamina then add more challenging exercises like these.

1️⃣ Start with basic glute strengthening exercises, deep core engagement exercises & 360 breathing.

2️⃣ I recommend working on core, breathing & mobility at least 10 minutes per day

I’m currently 17 weeks postpartum and my journey continues to enhance my core strength

Workout with me

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