360 Breathing

40 weeks + 3 days pregnant and 1 day postpartum

360 Breathing is the most effective core exercise for pregnant & postpartum mamas! 👏🏻 👏🏻

▪️strengthen your core

▪️improve your posture

▪️relieve stress

▪️activate your deep core muscles

▪️healthier pregnancy

▪️ease labor + delivery

▪️improve digestion

▪️faster postpartum recovery

▪️strengthen pelvic floor

▪️Better functioning core + pelvic floor

You can relieve low back pain, neck tension, chest tightness, and pelvic floor discomfort with proper breathing patterns 🙌🏻

3 weeks postpartum

How do we properly perform 360 breathing? ⬇️⬇️

1. Best way is to begin in a seated position on a study chair in neutral alignment. (I’m showing in various positions to demonstrate the activation of the diaphragm & transverse abdominals)

2. INHALE through the nose. Ribcage should expand in ALL directions (front, sides & back) ➡️ expand 360 degrees.

3. Shoulders should stay down and relaxed

4. You should expand naturally- don’t force it.

5. EXHALE through the mouth as you draw in your navel ➡️ this is where you contract your transverse abdominals & muscles of the pelvic floor.

6. Repeat with slow controlled breaths.

39 weeks pregnant

👉🏼👉🏼Side note: your pelvic floor has 14 different muscles! They attach in the front, side & back of your pelvis. So you need to learn to activate from all your attachment points to strengthen pelvic floor- not just the front of your pelvic floor 😉

16 weeks pregnant

Workout with me here!

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