Postpartum Deep Core Strength

📌 As a friendly reminder…everyone’s postpartum journey is different 💯 My journey will be different from yours and I’m sharing my personal adventure along with my knowledge of pre/postnatal corrective exercise and performance training.

📌 We need to go at our own pace, especially when it comes to our abdominal rehabilitation!!! ➡️➡️ There is no such thing as “bouncing back”!

📌 We need to be kind to our bodies and take it one day at a time as we recover during our newly postpartum period.

📌 When it comes to our core, it’s essential that we engage and activate those deep abdominal muscles.

📌 We want to gain back strength and endurance.

📌 If you know me…I will constantly emphasize the importance of strengthening our glutes ➡️ so with core work you will ALWAYS see glute training 🍑

📌 It’s about having a well-functioning body and being in a happy mental state.

📌 If you want more guided advice that’s unique to your needs and your personal experience ➡️➡️ I offer pre/postnatal training! I’m a certified Pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist and PRONatal Trainer with 14+ years of experience 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Some key pointers when working your core when you are newly postpartum ⤵️⤵️

1️⃣ We’re talking about your deep core muscles 👉🏼transverse abdominals, pelvic floor & diaphragm

2️⃣ Maintain and gain core strength through safe and effective exercises ✌🏼

3️⃣ Learn how to perform 360 breathing correctly and properly engage those muscles through your breathing ➡️ don’t suck it in & don’t hold your breath!!

4️⃣ During the newly postpartum period I stay away from ⤵️



❌deep twisting motions

❌any movements that can add stress to the abdominal wall

❌any movement that domes or cones the belly

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