3 Months Postpartum Fitness

All 3 of my postpartum journeys have been completely different and this is my first post-pregnancy adventure that I have felt my strongest!! 💪🏻

Being a pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist, plus with lots of personal experience ➡️ I will always emphasize the importance of training your CORE & GLUTES throughout your pregnancy for a quicker and easier postpartum recovery! 🍑 🔥

Note: My recovery may look different from yours and I’m BIG believer on doing what’s best for YOU and what works for your body!💯

Everyone has their own personal journey ▶️ Which is why I offer virtual training!

My main focus is helping my clients strengthen their core & glutes ⤵️

📌 feel your best

📌 move your best

📌 gain confidence

📌 make working out fun 🙌🏻

How to get the results you want ⤵️

📌 learn how to properly connect to your muscles and your body

📌 it’s all about effective workouts

📌 consistency

📌 fuel your body with a balanced diet

📌 stay hydrated

📌 minimize stress in your life

I’m happy to share my personal journey with you and prove that my method of training works! I feel stronger than ever at 13 weeks postpartum!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

▪️strong and well-functioning core

▪️I can keep up with all 4 for of my boys

▪️minimal postpartum aches & pains

▪️strong pelvic floor (no leakage 😉)

Important ‼️ When you move your body keep in check with your abdominal wall ⤵️




Always slowly work up to more challenging core exercises ➡️ Message me for more info 📬

Workout with me here!

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