2 Weeks Postpartum Workout

This is the time to connect to your body & bond with your baby with daily walks, stretching & 360 breathing

📍 relieve stress

📍 help prevent postpartum depression

📍 boost energy levels

📍 begin our recovery journey

I know some of us can’t wait to get back to exercising- but it’s SUPER essential to take it slow and wait for the OK from your doctor👍🏻

It’s not beneficial to exercise too vigorously too soon ⤵️

Relaxin is still present in our bodies➡️➡️

Relaxin is that hormone that helps your ligaments and joints to relax, soften & loosen to allow your pelvis to stretch to make room for your growing baby!

Relaxin can stay in the body for a couple months after giving birth!! If you are breastfeeding, relaxin will continue to be produced in the body!

Doing too much too soon can lead to ⤵️

📌 pain

📌 increase your risk of injury

📌 increased risk of pelvic floor organ prolapse

📌 over-stressing your joints

▪️When going on walks you will want to gradually increase your time and pace 🙌🏻

▪️Walking increases blood circulation and promotes healing.

▪️Upper body stretches will feel amazing during these first few weeks of having a newborn.

👉🏼Stretch out your upper back and chest.

👉🏼Focus on that neutral alignment

👉🏼Be aware of your posture when holding your baby

👉🏼Decrease back pain

👉🏼Wake up your core

▪️Perform 360 breathing daily with your pelvic floor & abdominal engagement exercises to help strengthen and connect to your body

▪️Drink plenty of water to keep up your energy levels and stay hydrated

▪️ALWAYS listen & be kind to your body!!

Workout with me here!

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