Pregnancy Ground Pick-Up Exercise

Learning to hinge at the hips will increase core strength, take strain off your low back, increase your mobility & help strengthen your body for the physical demands of pregnancy AND motherhood 🤍

Think about the number of times in a day we bend down to pick something up ALL.DAY.LONG. for me!!! #momlife

And when you bend at your spine and round forward it strains your core and low back!!

So we need to learn to hinge at the hips and stop rounding the spine for these movements!

Start this exercise without any weight to perfect your form and master the movement. Then I added an 8lb medicine ball with a lift!

Burn more calories, get your heart rate up, strengthen your body + increase deep core strength!

These are foundational exercises that are essential to perform properly with a strong posture during pregnancy!!

While in my 2nd trimester, I’m definitely feeling more energized & stronger!

Check out more workouts at @amandajacksonfitness

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