Goal Setters

It’s always good to have short-term and long-terms goals 🙌🏻

Goals can be fitness, nutrition or lifestyle oriented. They can be family goals, personal goals, team goals, relationship goals or even friend goals.

❗️Goals can help align your focus, jumpstart improved habits & enhance your time management❗️

You want to be able to measure your progress, maintain your motivation & make yourself accountable for your own actions.

It’s all about mindset and staying on track!

Here are some tips that I use to help my clients stay on tract with their goals ⤵️

1. Make them POSITIVE goals. Focus on what you can add into your life NOT take away.

2. Speak KINDLY to yourself.

3. No negative self-talk.

4. Create a plan that you know you will be CONSISTENT with.

5. Make attainable short-term goals that go along with the long-term goal.

6. Create POSITIVE SELF-TALK PHRASES to say to yourself AND repeat them often.

7. You need to have SELF-CONFIDENCE ➡️ increased ambition, increased effort, improved concentration + positivity.

8. Have a SUPPORT SYSTEM- family and friends that will cheer you on.

9. Take the negatively out of your life.

10. BELIEVE in yourself. It will have a strong influence on your actions.

11. Remember that TIME + EFFORT = COMMITMENT

12. It’s all about that LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! Is your goal sustainable??

13. Baby steps ➡️ Small steps + short-term goals. Create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly + yearly goals.

14. ENJOY THE PROCESS ! If you’re not enjoying yourself along the way…then find a new path to get to where you want to be 😉

15. Always remember your “WHY” ➡️ Your “why” is your driving force, it gives your integrity & it should be true to your core values.

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