Fire Up Those Glutes

If you know me, Glute Training is my favorite! I love to tighten, tone & build my booty. BUT training the booty isn’t just for the look.

Here is why it is Number One on my list to train ⤵️

Strong glutes & hamstrings will help decrease hip & knee pain, help prevent injuries, alleviate lower back strain, improve your posture—which will help with any lower belly pooching 👌🏼, gain mobility in your hips AND enhance athletic performance.

No matter what level of fitness you are at you should be incorporating training those glutes, hamstrings & hips. These are amazing beginner exercises for if you are prenatal, postnatal, an athlete, young or experienced.

Before we begin it’s essential to know how to engage and activate the muscle you are working. Make that mind body connection and workout with passion!

Here are 9 basic exercises to activate those glutes in every angle and begin your journey to build, tighten, tone & strengthen your booty.

Tighten abs through all exercises and maintain neutral position in your spine. Squeeze & engage your glutes with every exercise! Form is everything! Take your time and control your movements. Always consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise program. ✌🏼

When you have mastered these exercises you can always add a mini band for an extra challenge and check out more advanced exercises at @amandajacksonfitness

1. Hip Bridge

Squeeze your glutes. Keep your core engaged. Breathe deeply. All movement comes from the hips.

2. All 4’s -> Fire Hydrant

Maintain core stabilization. Keep hips square to the ground. Hands are stacked right under your shoulders.

3. All 4’s ->Rainbows

Only go as high as your flexibility will allow you. You shouldn’t feel any pressure in your lower back. Keep your energy in your glutes!

4. All 4’s -> Hip Circles

Great for hip mobility and flexibility!

5. Side T (modified plank) Leg Lift

A little more on the advanced side.

To modify just keep your hips on the ground while performing exercise.

If you’re going into the side plank- keep your spine in a neutral position and maintain a strong posture.

6. All 4’s -> bend and extend

Connect your knees when you bend and squeeze your glutes when you bend and again when you extend. Only extend as high as your flexibility and strength will allow you.

7. All 4’s -> Straight Leg Lift

Pulse and squeeze those glutes!! Maintain the neutral position (don’t sway your body). Movement comes from the hips and glutes.

8. All 4’s -> Core Stabilization

All about activating that core and connecting to your body. Envision your body and what muscles you are working to be most efficient.

9. Hip Bridge with Core Activation

Have some fun! Squeeze glutes, control your movement & maintain core engagement.
Movement comes from the hips!

For more inspiration and ideas visit @amandajacksonfitness

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