Connecting to your body during your workout

Get your energy flowing. Get your mind connected to your workout. Squeeze and actively engage those muscles you are working.

Working out isn’t just for your body. It’s also amazing for you mentally and emotionally. Your mind and body need to work together to get that effective workout.

  • Think about the muscles you are working
  • Squeeze and engage those stabilizer muscles.
  • Core activation is essential in all movements.
  • Always move with a purpose.
  • Every movement should be intentional.
  • When you envision the muscles you are working you will get a better, more effective workout.
  • Be efficient, connect to your body
  • I promise you will see results and see them quicker rather than just going through the motions.

You will see a huge difference and a change in your body when you connect to the muscles you are working. Never just go through the motions ➡️ Every move is done with purpose & intention ✌🏼

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