Inner Core Strength & Stability Ball Plank Variation

Success comes from what you do consistently & staying committed✌🏼

Look forward to a positive future by staying connected with yourself, being patient and kind to your body & focusing on your inner core strength.

Learn to challenge your core in more ways than just crunches!! ▪️Create stamina in your core by starting with basic exercises, learn how to breathe deeply, and connect to your body. 💯 Moms ➡️ never underestimate the importance having a strong pelvic floor. 🖤 Lastly, have patience. My core did not become this strong over night. It took years after having my twins to gain my strength back, plus more 🙌🏻 but I was consistent, took it one step at a time, and learned how to make that mind body connection. 💥

For more tips & inspiration check out @amandajacksonfitness

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